Moment Photo Case For iPhone XS Review

The iPhone XS is one of the best camera phones Apple has produced in recent years. The iPhone XS rocks a dual 12-megapixel back camera and a 7-megapixel front-facing camera with face ID. The video capture is 4K in this phone and the pixel density is the same as the iPhone X at 458 PPI. With a phone camera with such specifications the iPhone X does not disappoint.

The picture quality on this phone can make anyone have a likeness towards photography. With a phone costs $1000 you might as well spend some money on a phone case which will protect your investment but what if that case gives your camera a variety of lenses to choose from, wouldn’t that be a great feature to have?

The Moment Photo Case is the solution to all your aesthetic problems because this case will brighten up your Instagram before you know it. Moment’s lenses are the best in the world for the iPhone and their phone case makes it effortless to swap between macro, telephoto, wide, superfish and anamorphic giving you a variety of options to choose from.


The Moment Photo Case is available in three different colors; wood, tan leather and black canvas.


The phone case is minimal and lightweight. Camera lens phone covers are unusually unattractive but the Moment phone cover is stylish and also providing subtle texture at the back of the case making it easier to take photos. The case is thin and minimalistic which maintain the sleek look of the iPhone XS, not making it look bulky.
The rubberized body protects your phone from drops and scratches. The Moments Photo Case is fully compatible with Qi wireless charging. The inner side has micro suede to protect the back of your phone. The case also has the Moment Lens interface built into the case so you can attach lenses hassle free.

The Moment Phone Case is not as protective as other phone covers you will find on the market. It will protect your phone from the daily scratches and occasional drops but there is no guarantee on the safety it can provide. It is very thin which means it isn’t going to protect your phone that well.
Other phone cases in this price range are military grade drop-tested or guarantee waterproof features but this phone case is not as durable as others. This phone cover is not even compatible with original lenses.

This phone cover is available at the price of $29.99

Our Verdict
If you’re someone who prioritizes camera functionality and added benefit in that price range then this phone is for you. The variety of camera lenses available here and the quality of Moments is unparalleled. The durability of this phone can be overlooked due to its uniqueness. In our eyes this phone is a must buy if you’re an Instagram aspirant or a video blogger.