How many times have you bought something and lost it to an unfortunate accident? How many times have you spent a fortune on a product or gadget and later on regretted not taking care of it? Having said that, we can agree that your iPhone XS or X is one of your most important possessions right now and why wouldn’t it be?

The new generation of phones have compiled our entire lives and affairs into themselves and losing your phone could mean being lost at sea without a compass. OtterBox Strada series case is a means of preventing any harm that could come to your iPhone.


The OtterBox Strada series case is rather compatible with the new iPhone X and XS. It has a stylish look and the premium leather that is used is capable of protecting your phone from crashes, scratches and falls. Meanwhile, it remains soft to touch and convenient to grip.

What’s more? It also contains a vertical slot to be used as a card and cash holder enabling you to carry fewer things around in a more secure alternative.
In spite of the secure casing, it still manages to have a slim profile which makes it pocket-friendly. Its magnetic clasp keeps the cover closed and your phone secure.


The case has a very few cons and maybe an unsatisfactory choice only for those who are unwilling to spend $45 on a phone case. Besides that, talking on the phone with the front flap folded back may hinder your voice quality, however, otter box responded to these complaints by announcing that the case is designed to work with the flap closed. in reality, it only requires some getting used to which is a low price to pay for the safety of your phone.


OtterBox Strada series case is available in dark brown and worn brown leather, giving it a classy look and original leather feel.


OtterBox is one of the most authentic and reliable names and a highly trusted brand when it comes to smartphone protection. The limited lifetime warranty it offers makes their products worth investing in.


In our opinion, the otter box strategy series case is an excellent choice to buy for your iPhone X and XS. It protects your iPhone from all four sides and keeps your screen free from any harm that can be caused by water, dust or accidents. It is also multifunctional as it allows you to keep your money, cards etc. and your phone secure in one place.
Lastly, its style and appearance is extremely classy and adds grace to your phone. It may be slightly expensive but the quality is really reliable and durable. When you think it couldn’t get any better, you find out that it comes with an OtterBox limited lifetime warranty.