Spigen’s iPhone 6 Case Slim Armor CS Review

Owning an iPhone 6 is not an easy task. Although, an iPhone provides the most advanced features and the most user-friendly experience, it is also very sensitive to use and therefore requires additional care. To assist the users of iPhone 6 to maintain their phones, Spigen has developed a case which specifically suits their needs.

Vertical Sliding Compartment for Storage

Spigen’s Slim Armor CS provides the owners of this case a distinctive feature. There is a vertical sliding compartment for storing credit cards at the back of the case. A maximum of two credit cards can be stored as per the company but you can also try sliding in some cash. Keeping in view the increased need to have a credit/debit card to make payments, this storage space enables a person to carry his cards more securely.

Technology that Provides Extra Protection

The best part of buying a Spigen case for iPhone is its Air cushion technology. Extra protection is provided to the iPhone 6 from extreme drops with the help of this technology. A number of drop tests were carried out to test this technology and helped gain military certification which illustrates military-level protection. It provides the phone with drop defense at every corner.

Dual Layers of Protection

Besides the extra protective air cushion technology designed to provide the phone drop protection, there are additional layers of protection. There is a hard exterior which is made of polycarbonate material. There is a second layer under this hard exterior which is made up of an anti-stretch thermoplastic polyurethane. The case is not very flexible; it is neither too hard nor too soft. All these additional layers protect the phone from scratches, water, dust and accidental spills on the phone.

Slim and Trim

The case is quite handy. Although the above-mentioned features might make you think that the case might be too thick and heavy but in reality, it is not. It is actually a very thin case and is lightweight and has a very solid grip to make the phone more usable and easier to hold.


The size of the cover is 2.87” x 5.66” x 0.51” and is compatible with iPhone 6 only.
This particular case is available in 2 colors which are gunmetal and mint.


The price of the cover at the official site of Spigen is $39.99.
When it comes to buying a case for an iPhone, Spigen is a name that pops up in the minds of a majority of the iPhone users. With Spigen you get the best design with a perfect grip and the best protection available. However, the reason for this is not only delivering the best quality to its customers but also delivering the right after sales customer service to achieve maximum customer satisfaction in return and create brand loyalty. Spigen also provides the users of its case with 2 years’ warranty when you a buy a case from them and 30 days’ satisfaction guarantee.