X-Doria Defense Ultra Series for iPhone XR Case Review

For all those who need absolute protection of your phone, be it because of your lifestyle, the nature of your job or just extra protectiveness, X-Doria has decided to be the answer to your prayers. IPhone XR comes with an all screen display design, face recognition and the most advanced LCD available in the market.

All the more reason that it needs absolute protection and care. X-Doria’s defense ultra-series case has taken the market by storm in terms of casing the iPhone XR.


Each Defense Ultra case from X-Doria begins from a strong metallic block, manufactured to the best detail to make a definitive iPhone X gadget protection. It comprises of not one but four protective layers TPU, DropShield elastomer, hard polycarbonate, and anodized aluminium. Put together, these components enable this case to be a perfect fit for your iPhone XR.

Under the protection of this cover, your phone can survive 13feet drops. The bubble pattern on the inside is scientifically proven to deflect and absorb shocks which leaves your phone unharmed.


If your aim is to protect your phone then what can be better than this military grade drop tested case? It has a further enhanced protection for the corners of your iPhone XR and gives you the perfect slim fit since it is specifically designed for your iPhone XR and is only compatible with this very model.

In order to enhance the bottom speaker the case comprises of integrated sound channel and raised lip that makes avoiding scratches and drops simpler. Furthermore, you require no tools to install this cover as it has an easy strap on adaptation.


The X-Doria defence ultra-series case comes with a life time warranty, a 30 day return policy if you are unsatisfied with your purchase and free shipping so you have to pay no extra added costs. It protects your phone without hiding it away and allows you to flaunt the Apple marvel. What’s better is that once you strap on this case, you are freed of all your worries related to the wellbeing and protection of your phone.

So go ahead and run wild and free with your magnificent iPhone XR. The case is slim, stylish, durable and made by an exceptionally reliable and progressive company that knows how to prepare for the new generation of smart phones.


The only cons of this cover are the fact that it may be slightly heavier than other covers and a tad bit costly. It can be seen as further enlarging the size of an already bulky phone.


The X-Doria defence ultra-series case is available in a wide variety of colours such as black, blue, and grey and purple. Who would’ve thought getting a phone case that is designed to give your phone the ultimate protection it needs could be so stylish and add to the appearance of your gadget?